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The National Youth Art Movement Against Gun Violence (NYAM) provides youth all across America in neighborhoods besieged by gun violence with an opportunity to make their mark on the issue by using their city as a blank canvas to communicate beyond their communities the impact of gun violence on their lives and to support the growth of these emerging artists' careers as artist activists and thought leaders.

"This is How We Rally" Baseball Cap
"This is How We Rally" Baseball Cap
"This is How We Rally" Baseball Cap
"This is How We Rally" Baseball Cap
"This is How We Rally" Baseball Cap
"This is How We Rally" Baseball Cap
"This is How We Rally" Baseball Cap
"This is How We Rally" Baseball Cap
"This is How We Rally" Baseball Cap
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Artwork by: Franco - Durham, NC;  Liz Gomez - San Antonio, TX; Millie Martinez - Chicago, IL; Leah LaQueens - Chicago, IL; B'Rael Ali Thunder - Chicago, IL

Baseball Cap Promo Group Photo Baseball Cap Promo Photo Commemorate Baseball Cap (Inside)


ONLY 100 of this baseball cap design AVAILABLE. Each baseball cap features five artworks that illustrate the connection between race, gun violence, and youth. Under brim design features "hands up" symbol. Baseball caps manufactured by Grassroots California, Inc as a donation to NYAM. [Photos: Laura Vogel]


The sale of the baseball caps are donations to NYAM. Fifty percent (50%) of the proceeds from the original sale will go to the artists who contributed artwork to the baseball cap and fifty percent (50%) will go to fund our curriculum project. GET a GIFT and SUPPORT OPPORTUNITIES for high school and college students to develop their art activism and to lead the creation of compassionate communities in schools by DONATING and BECOMING A MONTHLY NYAM SUBSCRIBER TODAY. Our fundraising goal for the development and implementation of a national curriculum for gun violence prevention is $125,000, which is $25,000 per high school for our pilot project with 5 schools in the US.

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"Don't Shoot" Poster (12x18) by Leah LaQueens
"Don't Shoot" Poster (12x18) by Leah LaQueens
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Art for Our Lives  Collection from the National Youth Art Movement Against Gun Violence. 

Leah LaQueens, 25 year-old artist and teacher from Chicago.

"Letgo Racism" (12x18) by Franco "Don't Shoot" Poster (12x18) by Leah LaQueens "Guns & Roses" Poster (12x18) by B'Rael Ali Thunder "Hanging by a Noose" (12x18) Poster by Millie Martinez "Hands up" Poster (12x18) by Leah LaQueens

NYAM's Original Collection

Art For Our Lives

Youth Artist Created Protest Poster Collection.


Art + Technology

NYAM is the first non-profit project in Chicago and in the US to use a combination of art activism, commercial billboards, and Augmented Reality technology for large-scale, youth-led campaigns for social good.

Our Reach

NYAM's interactive artwork has been used in protests and displayed in indoor and outdoor exhibits across the US and around the world in the following states and countries: Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Florida, Maryland, DC, Virginia, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Colorado, California, Canada, Finland, and Italy.

"Thought Leaders"

NYAM Youth Art Activists